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The Decompression Procedures course is part of the first step in your transition from non-decompression recreational diving. Combined with Advanced Nitrox, this course prepares you for dives to the depth of 150 feet, using various nitrox mixtures to achieve the optimum decompression profiles. During this course you will learn to properly configure your equipment for the required skills you will need to perform. You will learn to use computer generated decompression profiles to plan your dives, as well as the theory and reasoning behind decompression. Also contingency planning, possible failures, team diving, staging methods, and much much more.

Course prices do not include certification fees, gases, training materials, boat fees, lodging, or transportation.

Gear Requirements

Decompression Procedures  $500.00
Deposit= $250.00

Advanced Nitrox & Deco Procedures  $795.00
Deposit= $400.00

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