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The Extended Range diver course is designed to take the Decompression Procedures diver to 180 feet, using a nitrogen based gas. During this course the diver will learn to deal with the effects of breathing 5 atmospheres of nitrogen gas. The object here is to understand what physiological and psychological affects nitrogen has at greater depths, and learn to prevent the problems associated with extreme narcosis. The student will also learn the methods used to extend their depth and time limits, and how to prepare and plan longer and more challenging dives. (If you would rather not deal with the high narcotic values, then trimix is the class you will want to take) Extended Range is ideally for someone planning to dive to 180 feet in an area where helium is not an option.

Course prices do not include certification fees, gases, training materials, boat fees, lodging, or transportation.

Extended Range  $700.00
Deposit= $350.00