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       What if I told you that you could extend your No Deco Limit at 60 feet from 55 minutes to 140 minutes? Now you may say to me, I don't want to dive that long at 60 feet. Alright, but there is another reason for nitrox. If you use EAN38 at 60 feet you have what we call an equivalent air depth (EAD) of about 40 feet. This means that your tissues are absorbing nitrogen at 60 feet at the same rate they would if you were diving air at 40 feet. So even though you don't want to take advantage of the time extension EAN38 provides, you benefit by being far away from the no deco limit, and your body doesn't have to move around that extra gas which tends to make you feel tired and lethargic. 

       The Nitrox class takes one evening of your time, and is honestly probably one of the easiest classes you will ever take. We will go over the gas theory, the benefits, and the possible hazards to breathing oxygen enriched air. Come have a good time and learn about longer dives, and how to enjoy diving nitrox.

Course prices do not include certification fees, gases, training materials, boat fees, lodging, or transportation.

Tuition Fee is $99.00
Deposit= $49.00