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We are currently in the design and test phase of a new rebreather. At the moment it is a manual unit with two 6litre over the shoulder counter lungs, and a 7.5 pound co-axial scrubber. The concept with this unit is that you buy the basic loop and then add what you want to it. If you want Eccr then add the electronics. You want to run it as an SCR, no problem. At the moment there are no set dates for the release, but keep checking back. I will update this page periodically with the specs and the dive profiles from this unit!!!

Took the new unit on the F4 and P38 charter friday morning, with Dale Swift and Ian Martin.

First dive was the F4 at about 140+ for 20 min. Po2 1.3 occasionally 1.4, good dive trim was perfect with my wieghts mounted on the cylnder cam bands. I had 4lbs on top and 5lbs on bottom of each cylinder plus a 6lbs back plate, 24lbs all together. During deco everthing went well accept the electronics switch on the head being turned off by a hose or something at about 35 feet. Not a problem I just ascended to 20 and flushed the bag with O2 several times. We are planning on changing that switch anyway.

Second dive: P38 135 for 20 minutes. Starting off there was quite a current which subsided toward the end of the dive. Another good dive, but during the dive the inhalation side hose had too much stress put on it between the scrubber connection and the T piece and cut the hose a bit at the scrubber connection. I ended up with a few inches of water in the can but the unit still performed beautifully.